Patron Questions and Answers – September 2021

My beloved patrons have the power to ask me anything they want. Anything. These questions will be answered (in some form or another, but always with honesty) in monthly Q&A posts.


Q: What’s your favorite quest line in WoW?

A: The Quel’Delar line is the first that comes to mind, but I’ve enjoyed so many quests in WoW that I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one favorite. The entire Duskwood story and the Vanessa VanCleef story in Westfall are definitely favorites. Andorhal. Kristoff. Princess. Ysera. Wrathgate. Lunar Festival crowns. The list goes on.


Q: What’s your love/hate list for every class in WoW?

A: I don’t hate any of the classes entirely, so I’ll note things I enjoy and dislike about each one.

Death Knight – Out of all tank classes, blood is my favorite tank spec. I don’t like that I can’t change my death knight’s eyes.

Demon Hunter – Runner up for tank spec and same thing with the eyes as DKs. Since I’ve used that already, I’ll go with: I like having wings. I immensely enjoying gliding around. I don’t like that DHs only have two specs, especially because I’m not a fan of havoc. It’s my least favorite DPS spec overall.

Druid – Ahh, my love/hate class. My night elf druid was my main for about three months and is the only class that isn’t my mage that has ever been held in such regard, albeit briefly. Honestly, I find today’s druid to be kind of mediocre. I enjoy their versatility, but I feel they lack the class fantasy they deserve.

Hunter – Hunter is currently my main alt because they’re so much fun to play… in all content except current. They seem to have lost their groove somewhere in the In-Between.

Mage – I main a mage and have been for almost half my life now. Wow, that feels weird to acknowledge. I enjoy being able to teleport everywhere. My mage is also an engineer. That’s like, double the teleport tools. If I can find a way to avoid having to travel by any form of flight, I will – even if that means teleporting myself to Tol Barad to take the Tol Barad portal to Orgrimmar to go to the Earthshrine portals instead of teleporting myself to Orgimmar and flying to the Earthshrine portals like a normal person.

There really isn’t anything I don’t like about mages. I used to dislike how squishy they are (pro-glass cannon fantasy here), but now I see their survival as a welcome challenge and, honestly, a skill.

Monk – I didn’t like monks until about three weeks ago when rolled a new one to give them another shot. I enjoyed the class so much that I undeleted my original monk and transferred her to the server my main is on. The enthusiasm I have for mistweaver right now is on par with how I felt about discipline priests in WoD – which is saying a lot considering how I felt about discipline priest back then. My biggest complaint about the class is that I’m not into drunk culture or martial arts in general, so playing a class that’s themed around both isn’t super appealing to me.

Paladin – My wife mains a paladin and I main a mage, but neither of us are good at playing the other’s class. I’m a terrible paladin. That said, paladins are by far my favorite class to do endgame content with on my mage. I felt this way long before Bells and I met, though. In vanilla, I had two paladin friends and the three of us did everything together. All my pre-WoD raid leaders have been protection paladins. I also led raids alongside a protection paladin. My only complaint is that I don’t play this class well at all.

Priest – Discipline priest PVP was once my whole heart. It was so good back in WoD. I haven’t given it a shot in SL because I didn’t like the changes to the spec in BFA and haven’t been keeping up with priest since.

Rogue – My relationship with rogues could be a TV drama series. I hate them in BGs, but I love playing them in BGs. They are the reason I stopped playing on PVP servers. They are by far my second favorite class to play in WoW and are actually the class-type I play most often in other games. All my ESO characters are thieves no matter their class, and my Fallout 76 character is a stealth sniper. Stealth is my favorite MMO class feature in general. My least favorite thing about rogues is other rogues.

Shaman – Shaman was my main alt in Burning Crusade and I haven’t played her much since. Like druids, I find them lacking, but I can’t really point out what of.

Warlock – Wonderful class fantasy going on here, but unfortunately I haven’t enjoyed playing a warlock since the demon hunting glyph was removed. Love the demon summoning, hate that something I enjoyed so much about the class was taken away (although I agree with the reason for its removal).

Warrior – I used to dislike warriors. For a time it seemed like everyone I knew who mained them were real jerks. I eventually moved past that generalization, gave warrior a go, and it’s been one of my favorite classes ever since. I enjoy their brutal fighting energy. Having a bad day? Play the warrior. Want to smash things? Play the warrior. My least favorite thing about them is they only have one spec I enjoy.


Q: Where can I find plate boots as a low level plate wearer?

A: The new island starting zone, Exile’s Reach, is great. I take all of my characters through there before heading to their original starting zones. I just really like starting zones. The downside to at least two starting zones that I know of, Exile’s Reach and Teldrassil, is that you leave these places with transmoggable armor for every slot but boots. This isn’t so bad for most armor types. You can usually find low level green boots on the auction house and or have them crafted. But this is a problem for plate wearers.

A while back, warriors, paladins, and other heavy armor-types didn’t start out in plate but in mail. This was later changed, but the circumstances prior didn’t leave a many options for anyone rolling a new heavy armor class after the change was made. However, there is a solution!

Once you’ve completed the starting area you’re in, travel to meet Chromie in your faction capitol. Speak with Chromie to switch to the Pandaria timeline. You’ll be rewarded with boots after you’ve completed a dozen or so intro quests in Jade Forest. (There may be a few more quests to reach this point if you’re alliance than if you’re horde.)

Horde Boots!
Alliance Boots!

I did this on a level 10 horde warrior and was level 12 by the time I got my boots. It goes fast. If you know a quicker way to obtain transmoggable plate boots at a low level, let me know in the comments!


Q: Pineapple on pizza?

A: Yes and no. I don’t mind it and I prefer other pizzas over it, but I wouldn’t turn it away. My favorite pizza is alfredo with spinach, chicken, and black olives – which I’ve come to understand is a sin to some pizza fans all on its own.


Q: Do you like Funyuns and if so, have you tried any other faux onion chips?

A: I believe this question may have been asked in response to something I said about onions:

I like onion rings and the flavor of onions, but I don’t like onions. I’ve literally asked for a side of onion rings but requested no onions on a burger in the same order. 

I do like Funyuns! I also enjoy Sour Cream and Onion chips. Interestingly enough, I have issues eating foods that taste like foods they aren’t. Cheddar is a good example of this. I don’t like popcorn and most cheddar chips, but I will eat Cheez-Its. I absolutely will not eat non-pizza foods that are pizza flavored. There are few exceptions to this weirdness, such as ketchup chips, Funyuns, and anything watermelon.

I could go on about all the foods I will not or cannot eat. I also experience texture issues with a lot of food. My diet some days is exclusively cosmic brownies and coffee. I’m not even kidding.


Thank you, patrons, for your support and amazing questions! <3

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